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3/4 Day Basic Level

This course is aimed at trainee setters that have limited experience and are aiming at NVQ 2 or equivalent.

  • Polymers and applications used in Extrusion Blow Moulding such as HDPE, PP, PET (G) and PVC.
  • Exploring what pre production checks should be carried out.
  • Material handling and preperation
  • Dealing with regrind
  • Checking heating and temperature control readings
  • Starting the machine logically and safely
  • Adjusting: /die gap/screw speed
  • Head Tooling: Die/Core/Core Receiver. Die & Core cleaning
  • Basic Parison Programming: Function or components and minor adjustment of profile
  • Parison Faults: Drag lines, Poor Distribution and Sagging
  • Monitoring and recording production data
  • Moulds: Care and basic maintenance