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5 Day Course Intermediate / Advanced Level

This course is aimed at experienced setters/technicians who are aiming at NVQ 3 or equivalent.

The course content will cover:

  • Polymer and applications used in Extrusion Blow Moulding such as HDPE, PP, PET (G) and PVC
  • Exploring what pre production material tests are practical such as MFI and discussing how the viscosity of the material is affected by the regrind
  • Typical material problems such as moisture, contamination and melt fracture
  • Extruders: Heating and temperature control
  • Grooved fed/smooth barrel. Output and L/D ratio
  • Head Design: Accumulator & Continuous
  • Shot volume/die gap/screw speed
  • Head Tooling: Die/Core/Core Receiver. Die & Core designs
  • Ovalised tooling, converge/diverge
  • Parison Programming: Function of components, Set up, Minimum Gap Setting, Relationship between positional points, profile range and basic weight. Radial wallthickness control, application and limitations.
  • Parison Faults: Drag lines, Poor Distribution and Sagging
  • Blowing ration and Die Swell
  • Moulds: Design basics, Choice of Materials, Cooling, Pinch off design, venting and cooling temperature and pressures
  • Blowing: Pressures of Pre Blow and Main Blow
  • Process sequence: What happens & when
  • Production faults: Holes, contamination, Shrinkage, Distortion, poor distribution, weak weld
  • Commercial implications of cycle time and weight optimisation