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Auditing and Supplier Improvement

Is your mouldmaker/moulder up to standard? How do you know? If you are a mouldmaker/moulder, how do you rate against your competition?

Over the last 15 years BIA has audited over 100 mouldmakers and more than 300 moulders covering every Continent. This service is offered to End User companies looking to place mould orders or component supply contracts. It is also used by mouldmakers and moulders for self assessment against an International criteria.

Mouldmaker audit: Housekeeping, CAD capability and control, Incoming steel checks, material selection, Hardness verification, Part to part interchangeability, flow of work, QA, Project management, Lead time control, Customer interface, mould and component qualification, moulder training/technical support and after sales, shot guarantees, dispatch procedure and commissioning at the moulder.

Moulder audit: Housekeeping, In coming material checks, Material storage, handling and blending, Yield calculation and control, Utilities (compressed air, cooling water), Primary and Ancillary machinery (general condition), cycle times, machine set up, general safety, machine technician understanding, SOP (standard operating procedures) mould changeover equipment, mould maintenance equipment, mould storage/history/records etc. QA systems and equipment.Packing, storage and dispatch of components.

Quality Training